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1) Clients must agree and adhere to any and all contract stipulations and guidelines in a written agreement before any work will begin.


2) The working relationship will consist of two parties: Party 1, The Client(s) who will henceforth be referred to as "CLIENT" and Party 2, Chris Ables, who will be referred to as "ARTIST."

3) Upon completion and delivery of work or on any related assignment or materials, the ARTIST will submit to the CLIENT an invoice via email/PayPal. The CLIENT has a Net 10 (10 business days) payment period, beginning on the date the invoice is issued, to submit payment to the ARTIST.


4) If the CLIENT has an accounting procedure that requires more than NET 10 to submit payment, then the CLIENT must clearly state that prior to the written agreement being signed. The Artist may consider a NET 15 and in certain circumstances a NET 30 payment option, provided the matter is discussed and both parties are in agreement. 


5) A late fee of 1% will be added per 10 business days to every Net 10 invoice not paid on time. A late fee of 2% will be added per 15 business days to every Net 15 invoice not paid on time. A late fee of 4% will be added per 30 business days to every Net 30 invoice not paid on time.  

6) The ARTIST's daily rate of $350.00 USD is a non-negotiable figure and the CLIENT is expected to honor the invoice amount submitted by the ARTIST unless a figure is discussed prior to the invoice being issued and both parties are in agreement.

A breakdown of all services can be found here.


7) The ARTIST will work a standard 8 hr work day (10am - 6pm PST) to reflect the daily rate. If the CLIENT contacts the ARTIST with work after the standard 8 hr day or requires the ARTIST to work on any related assignment or materials beyond the standard 8 hr work day, the work will be considered overtime work and the daily rate will increase to $425.00 USD.

8) Once the CLIENT has read and reviewed the following agreement, the CLIENT must fill out and sign the form below. 

Note: Contract stipulations only apply to Character Design & Visual Development and Commercial Illustration & Art Print services unless specified and agreed upon by both parties. For all other services, a basic agreement covering the above stipulations 1 - 5 will apply.

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